Monday, 21 June 2010

June 2010 New Releases

Total Vermin #31: Lanterns - Aphotic Zones 1 & 2 C29

Autofluorescent and beautiful drone from wigged-out Leodiensian/Glaswegian/Swedish Kraut-facing duo, weaving guitar and keyboard lines into deep soul trance.

Total Vermin #32: Ghost of an Octopus/Asymptotem split C34

The song remains the same (although perhaps with more warmth?) for GOAO in the first new recording for some time. Asymptotem is an occasional post-Sculptress big drone ensemble, comprised on this recording of Andy Jarvis (guitar), Joincey (bass), Nick Mitchell (drums) and Stuart Arnot (trumpet).

Total Vermin #33: Aviflorae - Journey in Schlaraffenland Parts I - IV C43

Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides + Acrid Lactations = Aviflorae. Swooping keyboards and frenetic bass fill out and further discombobulate PWHMOBS' punk jazz. Echoes of Airway in these abstract and obliterated jams.

Total Vermin #34: Spoils and Relics - Reconstituted Monowhere C28

Churning tapes, nauseous electronics, unexpected sounds and swampish shifts in focus from the hottest new properties in UK underground noise, following up their split LP on Harbinger Sound.

Total Vermin #35: The Gamecock - Reflect Only The Light That Blinds C38

Debut release of arrhythmic drum machine misfirings and laser keyboard drone from new Manchester duo of Nick Mitchell and Stuart Arnot.

Total Vermin #36: Smear Campaign - Funky Cold Demeanour C30

Queasy broken-Dansette and ghetto blaster remix of remix of Tone-Loc's dreadful classic.

£2.50 each, plus postage. Email smearcampaign@hotmail.com for a quote. New releases are the top row in the photo above. Mp3 samples to follow.

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